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Here at Sunbrite our solar power specialists install only the finest products available.  We choose state of the art technology to provide you with life long quality, the best warranty, and maximum energy production every family deserves.

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Financing Options

Sunbrite does not focus on being the biggest solar energy provider, but rather the best in quality and service in the industry.  We shine on being a "non-leasing" company so that you are the owner of your investment and are able to take full advantage of the benefits offered by solar energy.  Sunbrite offers various financing options to best suit each individual household's needs making solar purchasing possible for anyone. 

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Go ahead, give us a call at (844) SOLAR-60 to find out what you qualify for and get a better idea of your solar energy needs. A free, non-pressure quote has never been better and we encourage you to ask any questions. You many be surprised by all the great benefits of owning your own solar power that the "leasing" companies take for themselves and never tell you about. 

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